Finding delight in the mail

By Suzie Daggett


When was the last time you received a personal handwritten note from a dear friend? A note in an envelope, with an interesting stamp sent via the snail mail? If you have received this kind of note, you are lucky since the norm for most of us is to email or text our friends and family. Yet, there is something so personal and surprising when you go the mailbox and instead of finding useless throwaway mail, there is a smaller, pretty envelope with real handwriting addressed to you. In eager anticipation, you open it and read the latest news from your 3rd grade friend, or a neighbor from long ago, or a co-worker you have a special connection with or your granddaughter. No matter who the sender is, you smile and remember with fondness all the moments of life you shared with that person. All this from one letter! Can you imagine how you would feel if you send a sweet note to a friend or family member and, they in return sent one back?

During this holiday season, consider sending a note to someone who would love to hear from you or someone who has moved, or suffered a life changing loss. Instead of a Christmas card, send a Friend card… one that reaches across the miles or across the street expressing your desire to connect and be part of their life.

To start a letter writing process consider this:

1. If you want to connect with a friend, chances are they want to connect with you and will be thrilled to receive your note. Start the thread!

2. Find some fun notecards depicting your hometown, something fanciful matching your message or if you are clever, create your own. Something hand made has love and familiarity built in.

3. Stamps are like emoji’s – they can transmit certain feelings.  Use one that expresses your thoughts to the receiver.

4. Use a nice easy flowing pen, perhaps purple, green or blue. If your handwriting is scratchy (as mine is!), just slow down while you write your thoughts. Your friend will be able to read your writing.

5. When you start writing, sit for a moment and focus on your friend. Using your minds’ eye, see her or him, and feel into the times you have shared. Memories will surface giving you much to write about.

Finally, encourage your friend to write a note to another friend (not like a chain letter, rather a loving memento). This way, the energy of note writing will be renewed. Sometimes all that is needed is a suggestion and seeing/feeling the delight of receiving a mailed letter. May your holidays sparkle with unexpected heartfelt connections to and from many friends.

Suzie is an award-winning author of The Pink Door ~ Moms’ Journey to the Other Side, as well as the author of From Ego to Soul ~ Discover what your Soul needs and what your Ego wants; and PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights. or