Tips for Navigating the Network of Care Service Directory

Use the following tips for navigating the Network of Care Service Directory.

  • There are several ways to navigate this directory. You click on the category most relevant to you, search for a specific agency or provider’s name, enter in a key word, or use the Advanced Search option, which allows you to enter a key word and location.
  • When using the Keyword search option, type in the word or phrase that most closely matches the resource you are seeking. If you are entering a phrase, put quotation marks around the phrase (e.g., “health care”). If nothing appears on the main page after entering your search, check the side bar with “Related Content” for possible matches to your search or type in a new word or phrase.
  • Use the Advanced search option (not the keyword option) if you’d like to search for a specific resource or service in your area. Here, you can type in a search term and zip code for the service. There is an option to select from a category list of services, but you don’t have to select a category in Advanced Search.
  • If you click on one of the category links, there will be several subcategories within it. For example, the Wellness category has the following subcategories: Caregiver training, chronic disease self-management program, fall prevention programs, general health education programs, nutrition education, and physical fitness. You can click on one of the subcategories to narrow your search.
  • When you click on one of the programs/organization links, it will take you to another page within the Network of Care website that provides more detailed information about that program/organization including contact information and website link (located on the right-hand side).