Larimer County Office on Aging

The Larimer County Office on Aging (LCOA) / Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC), located in the Department of Human Services, is the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for Larimer County.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, services and hours may change or vary. Please visit each website or call for updated information.


As one of sixteen AAA’s in Colorado, the LCOA receives funding from the Federal Older Americans Act and the Older Coloradans Fund to provide services to Larimer County residents who are 60 and older, and to serve as the lead agency in planning and coordinating those services.  As part of the LCOA, the Ageing and Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC) also services adults over the age of 18 living with a disability.

1501 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 498-7750
Answers on Aging Resource Guide

Are you seeking information on aging-related services in your area?

Do you need help knowing where to start or what services and programs are available to meet the needs for you or a loved one?

The Office on Aging/ADRC provides assistance by phone or in-person to help individuals understand the options available to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s support for the caregiver, help understanding the long-term service and support system, finding resources to meet your specific needs, or help locating resources in the community, the Office on Aging/ADRC is here to help.

We are here to help with the expected, unexpected, and everything in between.  Please call for more information or assistance.  The Larimer County Office on Aging/ADRC provides the following services:

  • Information and Assistance no cost, confidential information on programs and services in Larimer County for older adults, caregivers and adults living with a disability. The ADRC provides information and referrals to resources to meet your specific needs.
  • Person Centered Options Counseling – interactive process to assist individuals in making informed choices about long-term services and supports. Assistance to identify goals and needs based on an individual’s own preferences, strengths, and values and help finding the appropriate programs and services to meet your needs.  Call to schedule an appointment.
  • Application Assistance – hands on assistance to help individuals apply for long term care Medicaid or Medicare Savings Programs benefits. This service is provided by appointment for individuals who need assistance and are not working with a case/care manager or living in a skilled nursing home.
  • Chore Voucher Programfinancial assistance for individuals age 60+ who struggle to complete yard work and chores around their home. This is a reimbursement program and individuals must find their own provider to complete chores such as lawn mowing, snow removal, leaf raking, window washing, carpet cleaning, heavy housecleaning, painting, and minor home repairs.
  • In-Home Services Voucher Programassistance with light housekeeping, laundry and personal care for individuals 60+ who are physically unable to complete these tasks without assistance. The Office on Aging contracts with home care agencies to provide these services in the individuals home.
  • Family Caregiver Support Programresources for you the caregiver and your loved one. Help creating a plan that lifts some of the stress of caring for someone else.
  • Respite Voucher Programfinancial assistance to provide respite to caregivers caring for someone else. This is a reimbursement program and caregivers must work directly with a home care, day program or an individual (friend or neighbor) to provide respite services.
  • Long Term Care Ombudsman Programa no cost confidential service that can be accessed by any person with questions about skilled nursing home or assisted living community questions or concerns. Ombudsmen can assist with investigating and resolving complaints, and mediating conflicts.  They provide unbiased consultations and education on the daily operations, resident rights, and regulations of long-term care homes.
  • Project Visibilitya training that was designed for providers, friends and families of LBGT elders to create an aging services community that is informed, sensitive to, and supportive of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender elders. This training is provided in partnership by the Larimer County Office on Aging, Long Term Care Ombudsman program, and the City of Fort Collins.
  • Powerful Tools for Caregiversa program designed to help the caregiver take care of themselves while caring for a relative or friend. Caregivers learn tools to increase self-care and confidence.  This is a six-week class.  Call for more information, times and locations.
  • Network of Care websitea comprehensive, searchable website designed to help individuals and professionals find resources and programs in Larimer County including the programs and services offered by the Larimer County Office on Aging. This website includes in-depth articles on subjects pertinent to older adults and adults living with a disability, and provides information on public assistance programs and how to apply for benefits.


View the Answers on Aging Resource Guidean online-viewable PDF booklet with a list of aging-related resources in Larimer County. Use the Tips for Navigating the Answers on Aging Guide for helpful suggestions for navigating this database.

The Network of Care Service Directory is an online database that can help you find specific resources close to your home. Use the Tips for Navigating the Network of Care Service Directory  for helpful suggestions on navigating this database.

Getting Support

Larimer County Office on Aging (LCOA)/Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC)  helps to plan and coordinate a wide variety of services for adults 60 and over and individuals 18 – 59 living with a disabilities in Larimer County.
2601 Midpoint Dr. Suite 112
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 498-7750

“Everyone wants to be as independent as possible”

Eliza Piesman, with the Larimer County Office on Aging, recounts a story of an individual she worked with whose life changed dramatically on account of the support she received from the Office on Aging. Watch this video about how the Office on Aging supports individuals with their unique needs, in a nonjudgemental way.

“We do this in a nonjudgmental way”

Listen to Eliza Piesman’s account of how individuals that come to the Larimer County Office on Aging receive more than the services they are seeking. As she says, “Our office is always open. We are familiar with these issues. And we know a lot of different information that might be of help to people. But we always do this in a nonjudgemental way.”

“We all strive for independence in this community. We’re a society focused on being independent individuals. And it can be very difficult to talk about needing assistance.”